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A visit to Tauranga, The Bay of Plenty

Looking for a place with plenty to do? New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty certainly lives up to its name. And it’s accessible too.

10 tips for travel with autism

Do you have a child with autism? It is possible to take a holiday together. These 10 tips will help you plan and feel comfortable.

Flight tips for travel with a wheelchair

Follow these wheelchair flight tips and your next holiday will be a whole lot easier.

Tips for travelling with a support worker

Have you ever thought of travelling with a support worker? Here are our tips on negotiating pay and hours and most importantly, how to pick the right person.

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Tips for Travelling with Special Needs

9 Tips for Travelling with Dietary Restrictions

Bethany is a plant-based foodie with an insatiable hunger for travel and she’s sharing her tips for travelling with a dietary restriction with us. 9 Tips for Travelling with Dietary Restriction The best way to get a taste of a country’s culture is through its cuisine. But diving head first

15 Tips for Successfully Travelling as an Autism Family

Travelling as an autism family is a huge step. It takes a whole lot of courage, belief and hope, but it is possible to travel successfully and for everyone to enjoy the trip.

A visit to Tauranga, The Bay of Plenty

Looking for a place with plenty to do? New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty certainly lives up to its name. And it’s accessible too.

11 Tips for Travelling with a Child with a Vision Impairment or Blindness

Tanya Savva has has made it her mission to ensure her daughter Kenzie was not defined by her vision impairment. After travelling 14,000kms together, Tanya has some great  tips to share on travelling with a child with blindness or vision impairment.

A full guide to NZ accessible accommodation

Planning a trip to New Zealand? Good news – NZ commercial accommodation providers must have accessible rooms.

15 Tips for Travelling with a Child with a Hearing Impairment & Cochlear Implant

Travelling for the first time with a child can be daunting for any parent but if you’re travelling with a child with a cochlear implant, or a child who is hearing impaired, there are added considerations.

Accessible travel in Tasmania

Peter Cook tests just how good accessible travel in Tasmania is. From the rugged west coast to the more refined east.

10 Tips for Travelling with a Wheelchair

It’s daunting as a wheelchair user entrusting an airline with your chair. Given most wheelchair users are dependent on the equipment when they get to their destination, it’s important to pre-plan and prepare your chair for travel.

Access all areas for all in Disneyland

Disneyland and California Adventure Park have earned their reputation for being an inclusive attraction and the happiest place on earth.