5 Accessible All-Weather Activities

by Editorial Team

No matter the season, it’s always good to have a list of accessible all-weather activities tucked up your sleeve for those intensely hot or rainy days. Here’s our suggestions for indoor activities to suit all ages and abilities.

1. Ice Skating

Ice skating is a fun, social activity for all ages with some rinks allowing wheelchairs on the ice. The permanent indoor rinks are usually quite large, so they tend to be easier for skating with a wheelchair user, but keep an eye out for the seasonal pop-up rinks which appear around cities in winter. The one at Bondi Beach even comes with an ocean view!

Not all rinks allow wheelchairs on the ice so phone ahead to avoid disappointment and don’t forget to rug up. Skates on!

2. Ten Pin Bowling

Ten pin bowling is one of the most accessible all-weather activities you can try and it’s fun for the whole family. For young children and anyone who finds a bowling ball too heavy to lift, ramps are available. The ball sits on the ramp, only needing a small push to send it on its way down the bowling lane. If you’re new to playing, ask for the bumpers to be left up to increase your success, avoiding those gutter balls that go nowhere. Strike!

3. Drive-In Movie Theater

Drive-in movies are making a comeback and for many this is the easiest way to enjoy watching a movie. You can stay in your car and take whatever you need to be comfy and cosy. If the weather permits and you’re keen, pack some fold up chairs and watch the movie under a starlit night sky. Save money by packing your own snacks or enjoy the treats on offer at the candy bar. Drive-in movies are fantastic accessible all-weather activities for the budget, too, with admission charged per car rather than per person. That makes it ideal for big families or anyone wanting to take along friends. Showtime!

Two men - one in a wheelchair, one standing behind - at a golf tee, putting a ball into an expanse of water. Aqua golf is one of their favourite accessible all-weather activities.
Aqua golf is one of the best accessible all-weather activities that everyone can enjoy!

4. Aqua Golf

There’s no need to cover large distances chasing a golf ball around a course at aqua golf. Stay put and tee off from the same position every time. Adults and kids will enjoy the challenge of hitting the various targets on the water course with some cash prizes up for grabs – that’s if you are lucky enough to sink a hole in one. Space in the tee-off area allows for wheelchair users and for someone to assist if necessary. For safety, ensure wheelchair brakes are locked in place. On par for a birdie!

5. iFly Indoor Skydiving

iFly Indoor Skydiving offers adrenaline pumping accessible all-weather activities, minus the danger. It’s  an exhilarating and safe activity for ages three and up, with no age limitation, making it perfect for a multi-generational outing. People of any ability can fly, and staff will provide extra support if required. Keep an eye out for the all abilities days offered throughout the year for a social day. When booking make sure you let staff know it is your first time and your support needs to ensure a great experience. Up, up and away!

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