Wheelchair beach access

How to make a day at the beach accessible

by Julie Jones

Days at the beach are part of the Australian culture. If you have a mobility restriction, the joy of taking a walk on the sand, or swimming in the waves is not so easy. But with these beach accessible tools, it is possible. 

Wheelchair beach access

Beachwheels allows you to get onto the beach

Here are the best options to access the beach if you have limited mobility. 


Buy new

Buying a beach wheelchair offers the ultimate independence and choice. It allows you to travel to any beach, or lake, knowing you have the equipment which best suits your needs. Beach wheelchairs come in a variety of sizes and styles and many come with the option of additional support including chest harnesses and headrests if needed. The Sandpiper® and the Hippocampe (XS and SML) are the only true all-terrain chairs on the market that cater to children with their smaller size ensuring comfort.

Beachwheels Australia has the Sandcruiser, Sandpiper, Hippocampe and WheelEEZ All-Terrain Rollator available to purchase to help you enjoy the great outdoors. You can take a look on their website at www.beachwheelsaustralia.com

It can be difficult to get funding for a beach wheelchair. You can include beach wheelchairs in you NDIS equipment wish-list. Some people have them generously funded by local Lions or Rotary Clubs.


You can also convert a manual wheelchair frame to a beach wheelchair. This is a great option if you have a limited budget and limited storage space. Why not use a wheelchair frame no longer in use? It’s cheaper than purchasing a purpose-built chair. Beachwheels Australia has a conversion kit available to purchase for this purpose.


If you’re unable to secure funding for a chair, you can always borrow one. Many beaches around Australia will have them available. We suggest organising your day trip or holiday around their location. Don’t forget to check the type of beach chair on offer, the hours and days it’s available, and if there’s more than one on offer.

Walking frames

Regular walking frames are impossible to use on the sand. The wheels just dig in. But we have found a solution. The WheelEEZ All-Terrain Rollator has been specifically designed to navigate challenging off-road terrain, including soft sand, gravel and grass. The balloon tyres make exercising and taking that stroll at the beach possible.


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