The Bruno Chariot Mobility Trailer behind a white car, with a wheelchair ready to load nextto it, and a bay with boats in the background.

Find freedom with the Chariot Mobility Trailer

by Editorial Team

It has been a challenging year for many in our communities. Times like these make us appreciate our loved ones more so than ever before. However, for many people, the physical distance and isolation has become more immense than previously experienced. A multitude of issues arise that prevent us from seeing friends and family who may live a considerable distance away. Transport is at the forefront of this, as it gives us the ability to go wherever want to go.

At Mobility Engineering, we do our best to break down limitations by providing people with mobility solutions that suit their everyday needs. Now that travel restrictions have lifted, people will want to visit their loved ones or explore the beautiful country we call home. They may also need to bring their wheelchair or scooter with them to get around more easily in the community. Difficulties arise when transporting our mobility devices with us in a vehicle. The Bruno Chariot Mobility Trailer is a great solution for someone requiring the additional space, enabling wider community access and freedom.

A person in a wheelchair, next to a Bruno Chariot Mobility Trailer, on a rough gravel road with a luscious green background.
Mobility Engineering finds solutions, like the Bruno Chariot Mobility Trailer, to meet the needs of people who live with disabilities. Image: Mobility Engineering

The Bruno Chariot Mobility Trailer

The Bruno Chariot Mobility Trailer sits on the back of any vehicle with a towbar, and has been designed with ease of operation in mind. Simply bring the platform down to the ground with the push of a button, then drive right on in your mobility device. 

Once on the platform, push the button to raise it back up to the right height. Secure your mobility device to the platform, and you are ready to go to wherever you want, with peace of mind. The Chariot Mobility Trailer is also equipped with 360° wheels and has a solid hitch connection, which means the Chariot goes in whichever direction you go. You do not need to know how to reverse a trailer and you can parallel park.

Products like the Chariot Mobility Trailer are giving the community their accessibility back by allowing greater freedom of movement to those who need it. Let us explore the country, visit our friends and family and create more wonderful memories in our community.

For more information on the Chariot Mobility Trailer, contact Mobility Engineering on (02) 9482 4572 or via their website.

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