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Get out and about with Getaboutable.com

by Sheree Strange

Getaboutable is a Canberra-based social enterprise that empowers people with mobility, hearing, vision and
other assistance needs, to experience mainstream travel and leisure activities. Getaboutable’s goal is to make it easier for people with accessibility needs to find information about accessible infrastructure and activities. We work to encourage the travel and leisure sector to be more inclusive of people with disabilities.

Getaboutable’s main service is the Getaboutable.com website, an information-sharing platform with listings and reviews of accessible and inclusive travel and leisure options. Think of Getaboutable.com like a TripAdvisor for the 20 per cent of the population that finds it difficult to experience new places and activities, mostly because of a lack of information about accessibility.

Getaboutable.com supports tourism business recovery

The accessible tourism market will be a valuable part of the tourism sector’s recovery from its devastation during this year’s bushfires and pandemic. So even though Covid-19 has upended our plans for a face-to-face accessible tourism conference & expo this year, we are planning online events to showcase accessible and inclusive travel & leisure options.

Getaboutable is an award-winning platform for the tourism sector to showcase their inclusivity to the one in five people who have a mobility, vision, hearing, or other accessibility need. The market is huge, with accessible tourism worth more than $10 billion per year to the Australian economy.

Businesses that are inclusive and accessible have been proven to increase revenue and goodwill. It doesn’t have to be costly and time-consuming – being accessible and inclusive is as much or more about attitude and communication as infrastructure and regulations. Often, all it takes is common sense and being mindful to your customers’ needs.

For more information on how to promote your business and tap into the spending power of people who value venues that cater to their needs, visit Getaboutable.com.

A woman in a wheelchair at an airport, seated in front of a luggage conveyor belt with a trolley loaded with blue suitcases. The one on top has a blue Getaboutable.com logo.
Getaboutable.com helps businesses and travellers: it’s the best of both worlds! Credit: Getaboutable

Help Getaboutable.com grow and thrive

Getaboutable relies on crowd-sourced information. For Getaboutable.com to grow as a resource, we rely on you – the users – to nominate and/or review inclusive activities and venues you have experienced. Become a member at Getaboutable.com and join the Getaboutable Community on Facebook to share your experiences about accessible and inclusive travel and leisure activities.

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