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Inclusive books to read with kids

by Editorial Team

Cooped up indoors with kids? With travel restrictions preventing family holidays, the best way to explore outside your reality is through art and imagination. These five inclusive books to read with kids are a lot of fun, plus they come with the important lesson that we might all be different, but we all love going on adventures!

Let’s Explore with Cor Cor – Cory Lee

Cory Lee of Curb Free with Cory Lee travel blog has just released his first children’s book, co-written with his mum.

“We wanted to create a book about a kid in a wheelchair that travelled the world,” says Cory, “because when I was growing up we never saw another character in books or on TV who used a wheelchair like I did.”

Cor Cor explores exciting travel destinations around the world, including our very own Taronga Zoo Sydney!

When I Grow Up – Marlena Katene

“There are many things I want to be / but at the moment I am just happy / being ME.”

This is a picture book with a powerful message about self-acceptance and showing kindness to others. The words were written by adaptive adventure travel expert Marlena Katene, and the bright and colourful images were created by Tennille Banks.

Dare to Be You – Jessica Irwin and Marlena Katene

This one is not a children’s book per se, but it has very pretty pictures sure to spark the kids’ imagination! This hardcover coffee table book features inspirational quotes from Marlena and stunning landscape photography by Jessica. Both women live with cerebral palsy and aim to inspire others to get out and see the world.

The Adventures of Missy Mouse – Lois Strachan

Missy Mouse Goes to the Park is the first instalment of this four-book series for children, written by Lois Strachan and illustrated by Colleen Gomez, about a blind mouse who relies on her other senses. Lois has received great feedback from families about the series:

“It allowed their children to understand that someone with a visual impairment is just an average, everyday person who does things with different techniques.”

Fergus and Delilah – Misa Alexander and Erin Knutt

Delilah’s friend Fergus might be wired a little differently, but the pair enjoys exploring and playing together. Their persistence to overcome obstacles makes this one of our favourite inclusive books to read with kids.

Self-published in 2016, this beautiful picture book was inspired by Misa’s son Hugo, who is on the autism spectrum. Teachers and parents have responded with glowing praise for the book, which helps teach kids about difference and inclusion.

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