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NAPA Centre spreads its magic!

by Editorial Team

NAPA Centre is a world renowned clinic that helps children with all neurological and developmental needs reach their maximum potential. Established in Los Angeles in 2008, NAPA now has four clinics across the world, including our Sydney clinic which has been open since 2016.

NAPA Centre has been established by families for families, coming together and supporting each other on a journey through the disability world. NAPA Centre strives to be a place of therapy innovation and excellence, to be a place of hope for families, and to make a real difference for children and teens with disabilities, every single day. NAPA is now excited to announce we are expanding again with the opening of their long-awaited new clinic in Melbourne, Victoria!

A child at the NAPA Centre laying across a blue therapy pillow, smiling at the person laying next to him, who is holding a small basketball.
NAPA Centre makes a real difference in the lives of children with disabilities. Credit: NAPA Centre

Experience the NAPA Centre difference

Each child is unique with very specific needs and NAPA embraces these differences with an understanding and individualised program. NAPA Centre specialises in the intensive model of therapy combining tailored and specialised multi-discliplinary therapy programs over three full weeks. NAPA’s therapy team will help families determine the best combination of therapies and the number of hours that will be suitable for their child’s goals. Each intensive is customised to a child’s specific needs and interests and is delivered in a focused, fun and engaging way.

As well as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy services, NAPA Centre also offers a range of highly unique services and equipment, many of which are not available at other centres including: Cuevas Medek Exercise (CME)/ Medek, Neurosuit therapy, UGUL therapy, Developmental Feeding therapy, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation, Sensory Integration, specialised AAC programs, swallowing and VitalStimR therapy. 

All services are offered under one roof, meaning that your child will truly experience the benefits of a multi-disciplinary approach to their weekly and intensive therapy programs. The NAPA trained therapists have extensive experience in the treatment of children with a wide range of disabilities and collaborate with each other and their established network of over 80 therapists worldwide to ensure your child is receiving the best treatment in the most-timely manner possible. And, all of NAPA’s therapy services are covered by the NDIS.

NAPA Melbourne is coming!

NAPA Centre is delighted to announce that in September 2021, they will open a permanent new clinic in Melbourne! This will be NAPA’s second Australian clinic, bringing the NAPA Centre experience and magic to so many more children. Like Sydney, the new NAPA centre will offer both intensive therapy sessions throughout the year and weekly sessions. NAPA are very excited that with the second clinic they will be able to help so many more children each year.

Register today

Registration for 2021 intensive and weekly programs for the Sydney clinic, new Melbourne clinic and our Gold Coast and Auckland intensive pop-up clinics are now open.

For all information about registering for NAPA including the patient intake process, visit www.napacentre.com.au

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