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Travel Without Limits magazine out now

by Editorial Team

We are breaking new ground in the publishing industry. This week we published the first Travel Without Limits magazine – the first disability-specific, print, travel magazine.

Up to 4.2 million Australians live with a disability – almost 20 per cent of the population and accessible tourism represents $10.8 billion to the Australian economy (surpassing the Chinese inbound market of $10.4 billion). The need for relevant, insightful content serving these consumers is more important than ever.

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Travel without limits magazine is out now.

A recent study by Amadeus uncovered the startling reality that 46 per cent of travellers with a disability identify their greatest challenge as being a lack of essential destination information. Travel Without Limits aims to address this glaring issue, informing and inspiring travellers despite any challenges they or their families may have.

Published by the team behind Travel With Special Needs, and featuring launch partners such as Destination NSW, and Blue Badge Insurance Australia, Travel Without Limits provides valuable advice, tips, and reviews on all aspects of travel.

“Often, the information needed to travel with confidence when you have additional needs requires specific and detailed stories,” Julie Jones, co-founder and executive editor, Travel Without Limits says.

Travel without limits

Travel without limits magazine

“We believe these should be written by people with lived experience. So we’ve brought together contributors and partners to share stories and experiences to help you plan, prepare and feel like our readers can travel without limits.”

Travel Without Limits will be released and available publicly for the first time at the Source Kids Disability Expo in Melbourne on 29 March 2019 and is currently available to read on the Travel Without Limits website here.

“We strongly believe in the need to promote accessible and inclusive travel in the mainstream media,” Janeece Keller, co-founder and executive editor, Travel Without Limits says.

“We want to give accessible tourism the space it deserves, not merely through inclusion in mainstream media, but through its own custom publication. Travel Without Limits gives us that opportunity and we’re excited to share these stories and relevant information with our readers.”


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