Wheelchair tips flights

Flight tips for travel with a wheelchair

by Julie Jones

Travelling with a wheelchair has its challenges, but there are steps you can take to make the process easier. 

Plan ahead – Before booking your flight, ensure you have the dimensions and weight of the wheelchair on hand.  And if travelling with a powerchair advise the battery type. The airline will need these to complete your booking. 

Instructions – Write instructions for operating the wheelchair, laminate it and attach them to the chair so they can easily be seen by baggage handlers. 

Allow additional time – Extra time is needed for check-in and security clearance. It will make travel more relaxed for everyone.

Secure your chair – Take any items off the wheelchair that are removable including the cushion, armrests and joystick. Tape up any cables for power chairs. 

Check it – On arrival at your destination, check your wheelchair over before leaving the airport. If there’s any damage from the flight, report it to the airline immediately.

Wheelchair travel

Wheelchair travel is easier if you follow these tips.

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